2nd Annual GFWT March Madness Contest

2nd Annual GFWT March Madness Contest

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2nd Annual GFWT March Madness Contest


  1. Unlimited entries ($1.00 per entry)
  2. All entries must be submitted by noon CST on 3/15/18
  3. Once you sign up, tag someone and each person you tag you get an extra entry.



1st Place will receive GFWT Apparel

2nd Place will receive Fitness Equipment

3rd Place will receive 25% off of GFWT Classes and/or Youth Training Sessions

 All participants will receive a free recipe for my Incredible Deuce Shake (Green Protein Shake)

Contest Scoring:

  1. Each win from your bracket, you will receive a point and all of your point accumulate.
  2. There are a total of 6 rounds and each round the points increase.

        -Ex.: Round 1 you will receive 1pt for 

          each win, Round 2 you will receive

          2pts, etc.

  1. For the championship game everyone

       will have to put in their predicted final


  1. Every Monday I will send out leader

       board updates.



  1. Open attachment
  2. Fill out your bracket (make sure to click Enable Editing first)
  3. Save
  4. Send me an email will your completed bracket attached

       -You can use a nickname to the leader board